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Do you ever wonder how fit you are?
Did you want to know if your wearable is accurate?
Do you want to know how you stack up against your friends and the pros?
Maybe you want to know what intensity you should train?
Do you want to lose weight?
Do you want to know how your body burns calories

VO2 Master Can Help!!

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VO2 Max Test

What is VO2Max?

Your VO2Max is one of the best markers for fitness and performance. Although not the only metric that matters, your VO2Max represents the ceiling of how much oxygen you can breathe in and convert to energy. The more energy you can convert, the more power and speed you can produce.

As well as being a measure for fitness, VO2Max testing provides you with much more than just this.

Training Zones:

Based on your VO2Max test, we can accurately pinpoint your training zones (not the max heart rate nonsense), which enables you to target your training to achieve a specific outcome. This means you know what heart rate, power or speed you should be aiming for within each session.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses:

From a VO2Max test, we can compare your results to optimal values, which helps us decide your fitness area that needs more work. Is it endurance, high intensity exercise, or do you need to be more efficient? A VO2Max test can tell you this.

Who will benefit from a VO2Max test?
• Athletes - A VO2Max test can help sports people maximise their training to target them as individuals and for their specific sport. It can also help reduce the chances of injury by monitoring how hard you push.

• If you want to get fitter - If you’re looking to get fitter, a VO2Max test can target your training around your physiology and makeup. Knowing your VO2Max helps make your workouts more effective and efficient, so you get results more quickly.

• If you want to lose weight - A VO2Max test is not just for athletes. If your goal is weight loss, we can help you understand what intensities you burn the most amount of fat and how to burn the most amount of kcals.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Metabolic rate is a measure of how quickly your body expends energy. This is also referred to as your "caloric burn rate". Resting metabolic rate testing shows how many calories your body burns at rest, giving you the data you need to plan a weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance plan designed to succeed.
At Renegades Gym we can complete RMR testing and provide you all the information you need to help understand and plan any of your body goals.

Some Frequently Asked Questions.
What factors can affect your metabolic rate?

Many factors can affect your RMR including; age, gender, the use of drugs/stimulants including caffeine, genetics, body mass and even environmental factors.

How does lifestyle & exercise affect my metabolic rate?

If you have an active lifestyle or you regularly undertake exercise you will require a greater intake of energy/calories. Be aware that unless you are an elite athlete these may be less than you think.

What is the Testing Process?
No matter your ability or age, our process is the same to gather your results.

1. Getting to know you - We will chat with you to find out your goals, aims and targets.
2. Composition - Height, weight and body fat analysis will be conducted prior to the test.
3. Testing - You will spend 30 minutes in a comfortable low sensory room wearing the VO2 Master, this system will first of all do what we call a settle in allowing your heart beat to regulate and you to fully relax. The measures starts and will be a minimum of 10 minutes. We will always be on hand but most people find this very relaxing
4. Review - We will spend a significant amount of time reviewing your results with you.

What do I need to do prior to the test?

Simply relax no exercise 24 hours before and no eating or drinking except water at least 5 hours before.

Step One

Book Your Test Date and Test Type. Choosing from Resting Metabolic Rate, VO2 Max or how about a full suite of the 2

Step Two

The Testing Coach Will Talk To You Prior To Your Appointment To Discuss What Will Happen

Step Three

If you are having RMR then please make sure you don't eat at least 5 hours before you appointment time, the only thing you can have is water, anything else will have an impact on the results.

Step Four

Turn up at the centre 15 minutes before your test relax and enjoy the session, remember to ask any questions you may have.

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